Workshops 2021

These workshops are available to Symposium attendees who have registered for them. More details will become available closer to the time.

Second Southern African Shark Conservation Forum Meeting

In October 2019, the inaugural Southern African Shark Conservation Forum Meeting was held in Cape Town to create a platform of discussion, engagement and dialogue between government agencies, scientific experts, NGO’s and shark-based tourism who are actively working on the protection and conservation of sharks, rays and chimaeras. 

WILDOCEANS, a programme of the WILDTRUST introduced and invited participation into the Shark Conservation Funded Shark and Ray Protection Project. This second meeting is aimed at giving feedback on the project as well as once again creating a platform for dialogue and discussion with various entities who are working in shark and ray conservation and management.

Time requirement: ~240 minutes

Registration is free. Please contact Brenda at [email protected] to sign-up.