Theme 2021 Catalyst for Change:

Post-pandemic research on Southern African Chondrichthyans

The Southern African Shark and Ray Symposium is back and this year, 2021 marks the 6th get together of this exciting bi-annual conference! The 2021 theme will be ‘Catalyst for Change: Post-pandemic research on Southern African Chondrichthyans’.

As we emerge from the pandemic, the 6th SASRS will offer the chance for the African shark and ray research community to engage and share information on the status of their different projects. As usual, it will include a wide range of disciplines from spatial, physiological and molecular to conservation and socio-economic studies.

This will be an opportunity for researchers across all levels, from student to postdocs, to deliver oral and poster presentations along with a range of interactive workshops available.

The 6th SASRS will be hosted by the Dyer Island Conservation Trust in partnership with Marine Dynamics in the small fishing town of Gansbaai, just two hours drive east of Cape Town. There will be lots of activities both on water and land available, and a wide variety of accommodation.

Session themes: