General information

Planning your trip to Gansbaai doesn’t need to be a hassle – choose from plenty of accommodation and transport options near the Symposium Venue. We will soon publish options to join amazing experiences in the area which will be available to delegates only.

Travel, accommodation & food

Delegates are to make their own transport and accommodation arrangements. Gansbaai shuttle services are available to help you attend the Symposium and its events, and a number of accommodation options are available in close proximity to the Symposium venue.

Students: Travel and accommodation grant info will be published soon.


There are several accommodation options close to the symposium venue. Many other popular options are available in surrounding areas too.


From airport – Airport Transfers to Gansbaai, hired vehicles or self drive

In Gansbaai – Gansbaai Shuttle services

Parking at the venue

Symposium attendees relying on a personal or hired vehicle for the duration of the event will be able to park at the venue.

Food & Restaurants

The Symposium will supply tea, coffee, light snacks and lunch throughout the days of the event, but encourages attendees to explore the surrounding Gansbaai area for dinner.

In keeping with our sustainability focus, Symposium, attendees are encouraged to consult the WWF SASSI List if selecting seafood, and to avoid single-use plastic shopping bags, cups, straws, cutlery and takeaway containers wherever possible.

Experiences 2021 Coming soon

Experiences 2019

Marine Dynamics pre- & post-Symposium tours

Marine Dynamics and Dyer Island Cruises are world-recognised shark cage diving and whale watching companies located in Gansbaai. Both companies support research and conservation efforts in their waters and are offering Symposium attendees special rates.

Please contact them at the details on the flyer to secure your booking.

Seal Snorkelling

Animal Ocean Seal Snorkelling offers Symposium attendees a unique chance to swim with Hout Bay’s Cape fur seals – at a special rate. Join the team of veteran ocean guides in this one-of-a-kind experience

Rockhopper Tours – Explore the peninsula

Discover the biodiversity of the Cape Peninsula with a day tour led by a qualified marine biologist. Rockhopper Tours are offering Symposium delegates a 60% discount for post- and pre-Symposium tours.

Go behind-the-scenes

All Symposium attendees are invited to attend a free behind-the-scenes tour revealing the inner workings of the Two Oceans Aquarium. This means getting access to nooks and crannies that are usually only reserved for card-carrying staff members.

Learn to scuba dive

New to diving? Do a PADI Discover Scuba Diving course at the Aquarium and have the chance to dive with incredible species such as rescued sea turtles, rays, brindle bass, and spotted grunter in the I&J Ocean Exhibit.

Dive with ragged-tooth sharks

Qualified scuba divers can get up close to the Aquarium’s shiver of ragged-tooth sharks in the Predator Exhibit, swim among the schools of yellowtail and giant kob, and learn about the awesome predators that inhabit the South African coastline.

Make friends with a penguin

Meet the ocean’s cutest predator – the adorable northern rockhopper penguins of the Two Oceans Aquarium. Join the bird keeper for an informative, fun and exhilarating face-to-face encounter with these feathered friends. If you are lucky, one or two of them might decide to hop onto your lap!